A Natural Color Scheme (2018). 🖌 For this project, I decided to explore the world of natural dyes, in the hunt for a perfectly balanced color scheme, derived from nature alone. But one that wasn’t the very muted, earthy colors we usually connect to plant dyes.  I wanted to find the vibrant, colorfast dyes that nature can also provide. Different fibres also provided different results, silk turning out bright and clear, wool deep and vibrant and cotton more pastel with less saturated colours.

    left to right: madder root on wool, madder root on silk, red cabbage w/vinegar on silk, turmeric on silk

    left to right: madder root on cotton, red cabbage on wool, onion skin on wool, red cabbage w/baking powder on wool

    Simple repeat prints created in Adobe Illustrator using the colours from the natural colour scheme