Stay Sane, Stay Safe (2021). ︎ Bucket hats created with Sheworks Atelier as a means to keep in touch with the women we employ during the Covid-19 lockdown in the winter. A way to keep busy (and sane) during uncertain and lonely times, we found that traditional crafts such as crocheting can help maintain a feeling of connection across greater physical distance.

The aesthetic outcome is the result of a wordless, creative exchange between the designer in our atelier and the women at home - all with widely different cultural backgrounds. As the designer, I collect and sort the materials into color-coordinated batches and deliver them at the women’s front door. They then decide which yarns in the batch to put together to create a unique hand-crocheted hat that they then send back to me. In this way, we can guarantee that each hat is in deed its own - and a great little example of the cultural exchange we work to promote here at Sheworks Atelier.

Sherazade crocheting at her home, 2021

Jameea crocheting at her home, 2021