VØLT (2019). 🪡 (present tense vøler, past tense vølte) to mend, repair, maintain [Old Norse]

VØLT is a manifestation of Craft, Biology, Chemistry, History, Art, Design, Social Science, Politics and Ethics. VØLT is the Future of Educational Systems.



VØLT is a multidisciplinary artefact to be introduced into the educational system. It will function as a teaching tool, focusing on sustainability through many different subjects and continuously adding knowledge and skill to the Vøle artefact. The goal is to bring about a change in the general mindset of the consumer, re-thinking the primary use of garments from wear to care.

We have lost our heritage and with it, our relation and esteem for natures valuable resources and human crafts. VØLT will rebuild our respect for our clothing, inciting us to nurture our garments as evolving possessions. To bring about this mindset change, we have reintroduced crafts as a vital part of all subjects in the primary educational system through an educational artefact. The artefact itself consists of many textiles and samples that follows the pupils from the age of 8 to 14 in 6 modules. Through this artefact, they will learn techniques to care, evolve and mend their clothing throughout their lifetime. Other knowledge fields, such as biology, sociology and history will connect to the artefact, giving young pupils an object in which they can manifest their knowledge.

The new educational system for students from ages 8 to 14 is made up of six modules to run alongside and as part of other subjects Beginning with simple sewing skills and quilting, and concluding with the skinning and tanning of a rabbit fur, the modules all draw on several different subjects and classes from social science to chemistry. All to teach young kids where ressources come from and how to treat them with respect - and to infuse ethics and compassion into the general education of our children.

Collection overview: Adjustable cotton pants dyed with walnut. Wool t-shirt printed with foraged plants and berries. Unbleached, undyed wool top with drawstrings. Two-piece, reversible, hand-quilted cotton and wool skirt dyed with madder root and turmeric.

Collaborative project between Christine Beate Kjos-Hanssen Husøy & Karla Werner Zeuthen
Model: Katrine Kjær Nielsen